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  Here I have assembled a couple of "leftover" kits at reduced prices. Have a look at the "Other parts" page also. The quantities are limited, so don't send payment until you receive a confirmation from a human being :)

The first is a Control2 kit which comes with an old PCB version. That version does not contain the backlight switching circuit, so the display backlight will be on even when the board is in standby. If you don't need the standby mode, or use a VFD that's no problem. You can also build the switch circuit on a piece of veroboard - you will get the parts with the kit.

Second kit is a "special edition" of the Phono1 kit. It's the same circuit as the standard version, but comes with cheaper parts (matched/selected 2% or 5% instead of 1%, polyester instead of polypropylene etc.). It still comes with metal film resistors and the OP275 chips, so the noise level will be the same.

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
RelVol1C1 RelVol1C board (50k resistors) Sold out
RelVol1C2 RelVol1C prototype (50k resistors) Sold out
Control2D Control2 CPU board (old version) 21,00 €
Phono1D Phono preamp kit ("cheap" version) 40,00 €
Rem4KitD Remote4 kit Sold out
CDPTOut1D CD-player output buffer Sold out
Rem1KitD Remote1 board (assembled, not working) Sold out
PhPSU1D 5V, +/-12V and 48V PSU Sold out
Delivery time: 3-4 days