26-step attenuator  


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  This stereo attenuator board can be used either as a 26-step series attenutor (with resistors), or it can be used with attenuator transformers such as those from Sowter and Stevens & Billington. When used with transformers this attenuator can be used in both balanced and single-ended systems. Used with resistors it's single ended (or single channel).

The attenuator comes on a single-sided euroboard size PCB (160*100mm). An optional 3-input selector can be added (click picture to see a photo).

If the board is to be used with the Stevens & Billington transformers, it can be ordered in a 20-step version with fewer relays. Some versions of the S+B transformer have more than 20 steps, so please check what version you have.

The circuit used for this board was originally conceived by "squadra" of

The board needs a 5V supply, that can be supplied by one of the "full version" input selector boards. It can be controlled by any of the "Control" or "VolControl" boards.

RelVol2 schematic (GIF 94kB)

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RelVol2 26-step attenuator board 92,00 €
RelVol2M 26-step attenuator board with MRS25 1% resistors 97,00 €
RelVol2SB 20-step attenuator board (for S+B transformers) 84,00 €
RelVol2Inp Unbalanced input selector add-on 24,00 €
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