Input1, Input2 and Input4  

Input selector board kits  


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  These kits are input selector boards. They can be used with any of the "vol" boards, or just with a pot if remote controlled volume is not needed. Any of the "Control" boards can be used to control the boards. You can also use your own controller - complete information is in the manual.

Input1 and 2 have five line inputs and one tape input with tape monitor function. The Input4 has three inputs and no tape monitor. There is also a mute function and outputs for two extra relays - one power relay (perhaps for swicthing the amp on/off), and a spare relay output with no fixed function.

The Input1 and 4 boards are unbalanced. The Input2 board has two balanced inputs and three unbalanced inputs. The tape monitor input is unbalanced.

In adition to the board, you also need a power supply (7-12V AC or 7.5-15V DC 500mA). If you don't have one available, you can find some on the "Accessories" pages.

The board sizes are 160*50mm (Input1), 254*56mm (Input2) and 97*52mm (Input4).

Input1 schematic (GIF 46kB)
Input2 schematic (GIF 49kB)

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Input1 Input selector board 45,00 €
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Input4 Input selector board 32,00 €
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