LM4780 Poweramp  


  This is a small poweramp using the National Semiconductor LM4780 chip. The board can be configured for stereo, bridged or parallel operation.

The board is a complete poweramp and power supply. All you have to add is a power transformer and a heatsink. Depending on the transformer you choose, output powers up to about 75W (stereo) or 140W (mono) are possible.

The bridged version is for use with 8 ohm speakers (or higher). The parallel version can be used for 4-6 ohm speakers. The stereo version is for 4-16 ohm speakers. If you have a preamp with a balanced output, you can use the stereo version for bridged operation also.

Board size: 100*60mm

Schematic (GIF 26kB)

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LM4780st LM4780 stereo amp kit 48,00 €
LM4780br LM4780 bridged amp kit 53,00 €
LM4780pa LM4780 parallel amp kit 52,00 €
LM4780PCB LM4780 amp PCB only 9,00 €
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