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  This board is a small and simple microphone preamp. It it based on the high performance low noise chip That 1512. The gain is adjustable from 0 to 60dB, either in 9 steps (switch) or continuous (pot). Both a 2k mic input and a 12k line input is included - both using balanced XLR connectors. The connectors are PCB mount types from Neutrik or Amphenol. The kit comes with all parts for the PCB (and the PCB) - including low-noise metal film resistors and high quality caps.

The small 99*35mm preamp board need a +/-5 to +/-15V powersupply, and also +48V if you wish to include phantom power support. Suitable power supplies can be found in the power supply kits section - look for 317337PSU, 783PSU and PhPSU1.

ThatMic part list (PDF 4kB)
ThatMic schematic (GIF 26kB)

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ThatMic Mic preamp kit Neutrik (switch) 37,00 €
ThatMicP Mic preamp kit Neutrik (pot) 37,00 €
ThatMicA Mic preamp kit Amphenol (switch) 34,00 €
ThatMicAP Mic preamp kit Amphenol (pot) 34,00 €
ThatMicPCB Mic preamp PCB 12,00 €
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