Remote controlled tube preamp  


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  This kit is a remote controlled line-level preamp. It has three inputs and a mute function. The gain stage uses a dual triode, and can be setup as either a cathode follower, plate (anode) follower or a common-cathode gain stage.

The preamp board is made for installation in a small aluminium box, but it can also be used for other purposes if you connect controls or phono sockets using wires.

The preamp runs on 12V AC 1A. The supply is stepped up to approx. 160V in the on-board supply section.

The kit does not include a motorized pot. The board can be used with Alps RK16 pots. You can see the pots I have available, as well as remotes and power supplies, on the "Accessories" pages.

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TRemPre Tube preamp kit 115,00 €
G115ME Aluminium box 33,00 €
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