Phono preamp kit  


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  This board is a small and simple phono preamp. It uses a dual op. amp. per channel (normally an OP275) and an active/passive split RIAA de-emphasis network. The kit includes low-noise metal film resistors and 1% film/foil polypropylene caps for the RIAA network.

The small 10*8cm board includes a power supply, so only a small 12V transformer is needed to supply it (or a 9-10VAC wall-wart). You can find a suitable power supply under "Accessories".

Phono1 schematic (GIF, 35kB)
Phono1 part list (PDF 4kB)

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Phono1 Phono preamp kit 55,00 €
Phono1PCB Phono preamp - PCB only 9,00 €
G101ME Aluminium box 30,50 €
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