Remote controlled "passive preamp" kit  


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  This kit is a remote controlled "passive preamp", which is just a fancy name for an input selector and volume control.

This one has five line inputs and one tape input with tape monitor function. There is also a mute function and outputs for two extra relays - one power relay (perhaps for swicthing the poweramp on/off), and a spare relay output with no fixed function. All features (except the spare relay) can be controlled from both the front panel and the remote control.

This kit, unlike the similar Remote3 kit, was designed for use in various DIY projects. The input selector and volume pot is placed on one board, and the control panel is on a separate, small board (size 45*104mm). The control panel can be placed behind the front - you just have to drill holes for the buttons and LEDs. If you would rather have one large PCB, and then connect buttons and LEDs with wires, the Remote3 kit may be more suitable.

The kit does not include the motorized pot - the board is designed for Alps RK27 pots. You can see what values I have in stock on the "Accessories" pages. You will also need a power supply for the preamp (6-12V AC or 7.5-15V DC 500mA). If you don't have one available, you can also find those on the "Accessories" pages, as well as suitable remotes.

Remote4 part list (PDF 5kB)

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