Standby supplies  


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  Standby1 is a standby supply meant for powering for instance an Input1, RelVol1, Control2 setup. It outputs 8V AC 750mA. It includes a power relay for switching on an active linestage or a small poweramp.

Standby2 is similar to standby1, but includes a rectifier and a 5V DC regulator. It can be used for setups that cannot be powered by AC, like Control2 and RelVolx without an input board.

The included transformers have universal primaries (115/230V).

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
Standby1 Standby supply kit 30,00 €
Standby1WT Standby supply kit (without transformer) 15,00 €
Standby1PCB Standby supply kit (PCB only) 9,00 €
Standby2 Standby supply kit 32,00 €
Standby2WT Standby supply kit (without transformer) 17,00 €
Standby2PCB Standby supply kit (PCB only) 9,00 €
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