Single voltage supplies  


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  78xxPSU1 and 78xxPSU2 are small regulated DC supplies. Type 1 includes a transformer on the board. A few non-listed voltages are available. The included low-profile transformers have universal primaries (115/230V).

317PSU and 337PSU are positive and negative voltage supplies using the LM317 and LM337 regulator. Non-listed voltages can also be supplied - just ask. For positive output voltages higher than 24V, the 783PSU is available (using the TL783 regulator). The 783PSU/48V can be used for phantom supplies.

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
78xxPSU1 6VA DC supply kit. Voltage: 26,00
78xxPSU2 1A DC supply kit. Voltage: 5,00 €
317PSU 1.5A DC positive supply kit. Voltage: 7,00 €
783PSU 700mA DC supply kit. Voltage: 11,00 €
337PSU 1.5A DC negative supply kit. Voltage 7,00 €
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