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  These kits can be used to build a high quality CD-player. Apart from the drive a power supply and a control board is needed. A display (LCD or VFD) can be connected also.

Note: CD-PRO2 drives are only sold with control kits, or as spares for existing customers.

The Philips CD-PRO2M/LF is a high quality CD-drive module. It includes an on-board AKM DAC for the audio outputs. There are I2S and S/P-DIF outputs for external DACs also. The drive is delivered complete with cable kit and magnetic disc clamp. The latest version CD-PRO2LF is supplied. It is compatible with the earlier version CD-PRO2M, but lead free/RoHS compliant.

Tube output stage. This optional board provides a gain of approx. -1 to correct the inverted phase output of the CD-Pro2M/LF module. It uses a miniature dual triode, and has a low output impedance. It can be powered by the CDPROPSU or 8-12V DC and 12-14V AC.

Control board and remote control receiver. It is based on the Control2 kit, and like the Control2 two front panel types are available. The type 1 panel is a board with 7 push buttons. The type 2 includes just an IR receiver board and a power button. A play and eject button can be connected also.

This kit supplies the drive and control board. There is one regulated 9.5V and two regulated 5V outputs. The supplied transformer is a 25VA toroidal type with 115/230V primary. A relay for external power switching is included.

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CD-PRO2LF CD-drive module sold out
CDPROPSU Power supply kit 70,00 €
CDPRO-C1 Control board kit type 1 39,00 €
CDPRO-C2 Control board kit type 2 30,00 €
CDTOut1 Tube line output stage 59,00 €
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