Volume/attenuator control board kits  


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  These boards are combined front panels and CPU boards. They can be used to control one volume control/attenuator board.

The controls consist of a rotary encoder to set the volume level, and an IR sensor for remote control operation. The VolControl1 board does not include a display, so there is no indication of the volume level. The VolControl2 board includes a 2-digit LED display, and the VolControl3 board can control an LCD display. Otherwise the boards are identical.

The board needs a regulated 5V supply (a 7805 regulator for instance). The sizes are 70*27mm (VolControl1), 99*33mm (VolControl2) and 67*35mm (VolControl3).

For displays suitable for the VolControl3 board see the "Accessories" section.

VolCon1 schematic (GIF 22kB)
VolCon2 schematic (GIF 40kB)

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
VolControl1 Attenuator control board 17,00 €
VolControl2 Attenuator control board. Display: 29,00 €
VolControl3 Attenuator control board for LCD display 22,00 €
Delivery time: 3-4 days