Remote control CPU board kit  


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  This board can be used for many purposes. It can control up to three input selector/volume control boards for multi-channel use, and it can be used with different types of front panels (buttons only, buttons and encoders, encoders only etc.). For descriptions of the fronts panels click the photo on the right.

Different types of displays can be controlled, including LCD, VFD and LED displays. You can find some displays in the accessories section.

The different options (number and types of selector boards, display type, remote control address and more) are all set using two jumpers and menus on the display.

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
Control2 Control2 CPU board 29,00 €
C2Panel1-1 Front panel type 1 (1 encoder) 21,00 €
C2Panel1-2 Front panel type 1 (2 encoders) 28,00 €
C2Panel2 Front panel type 2 19,00 €
Delivery time: 3-4 days