Remote control receiver kit  


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  This kit is a small, simple board meant for use in DIY projects, or for upgrading equipment. It can control a motorized volume pot and two relays - one for mute and the other for power. The mute relay output can also be used for B+ delay in tube amps.

The board needs an AC or DC supply in the 6-12 or 7.5-15V range, and it can run both with or without a standby supply. If you need a power supply, or a suitable remote, you can find both on the "Accessories" pages.

Note: The Alps pot shown in the picture is not included in the kit. Look at the "Accessories" page to see what pots are available.

The kit is available both as a complete kit, and as a partial kit consisting of the PCB, the microcontroller, the IR detector and the crystal. The motor-driver only kit can be used for adding a balance pot to Control2/InputVol1 setups.

Remote1 schematic (GIF 34kB)

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Rem1Kit Remote1 kit 37,00 €
Rem1PKit Remote1 partial kit 27,00 €
Rem1MD Remote1 (motor driver only) 12,50 €
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