Remote1 kit
On these pages you can find various audio related kits.
The kits are split in seven groups.

Control boards cover control boards and remote control receiver boards, including the Remote1, Controlx and VolControlx.

Selectors & attenuators cover input selectors and attenuators - both relay and chip based types.

Preamps & poweramps contain passive and active linestages, LM3875 and LM4780 "gainclones", a phono preamp and a mic preamp.

Tube pre- & poweramps contains tube preamps, tube modules and a small poweramp.

Source equipment contains different FM tuner kits and an FM stereo decoder.

Digital audio contains a CD-PRO2M based CD-player, a S/P-DIF receiver and a ADAT 8-channel receiver kit.

Power supply kits covers standby supplies and some universal PSU kits.

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