6N1P-6N30P Miniature Preamp Tubes  


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  A small selection of Russian preamp tube types. The 6N3P can be used in the TRemPre and the CDTOut1. The 6N2P can replace an ECC83/12AX7 tube by rewiring the socket.

The 6N3P tubes were made in Ukraine by "October". Most of the 6N1Ps were made by Voskhod, but some were made by Orel. All the 6N1P-EVs were made by Voskhod. The 6N2P(-EV)s are from Voskhod. Most of the 6N6Ps were made by the Novosibirsk plant, but a few are from Reflector. Most of these tubes were made in the 80's.

The -EV versions are ruggedised, long-life types.

For 6N23P see "ECC85, ECC88".

6N2P datasheet
6N3P datasheet

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6N1P-R Russian 6N1P dual triode 4,00 €
6N1PEV-V Voskhod 6N1P-EV dual triode 6,00 €
6N2P-V Voskhod 6N2P dual triode 3,00 €
6N2PEV-V Voskhod 6N2P-EV dual triode 5,00 €
6N3P-R Ukrainian 6N3P dual triode 2,50 €
6N6P-R* Russian 6N6P dual triode 6,00 €
6N30PEV-R* Sovtek 6N30P-EV dual triode 35,00 €
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