6SN7, 6SL7, 12SN7 and 12SL7 Preamp Tubes  


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  A small selection of SN7/SL7 preamp tubes. The 12SN7GTA is a 6SN7GTA with a 12V heater, the 12SL7GT is a 6SL7GT with 12V heater, the 7N7 is a 6SN7GT with loctal socket and the 7F7 is a 6SL7GT with loctal socket.

The 6N8S/6SN7GTs were made in Russia in the 70's and early 80's by Novosibirsk and the 6N9S/6SL7GTs by Reflektor between the 60's and early 90's. The 12SN7GTAs were made by GE in the US. The 12SL7GTs were made by various US manufacturers.

12SN7GTA datasheet

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
6N8S-R Novosibirsk 6N8S/6SN7GT dual triode 8,00 €
6N9S-R Reflektor 6N9S/6SL7GT dual triode 6,00 €
12SN7GTA-GE* GE 12SN7GTA dual triode 12,00 €
7F7-US* US-made 7F7 dual triode 10,00 €
7N7-US* US-made 7N7 dual triode 16,00 €
12SL7GT-US* US-made 12SL7GT dual triode 8,00 €
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