Rectifier Tubes  


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  I currently stock nine rectifier tube types. The first three are made by Shuguang in China.

The first is a 5AR4/GZ34 type, and the second is a copy of the WE 274B. The 274B can be used to replace 5U4G and 5R4G tubes also. The third type is a "normal" 5U4G.

Next is an EZ81 type made by JJ in Slovakia.

Next three Russian types. The 5Z3S is a 5U4G equivalent. The 5Z4S is similar to the 5V4G(A), but the max. current is 125mA vs. the 175mA of the 5V4. The last type is a high-power rectifier made by Svetlana in the 60's and 70's.

Finally two US types. The 5V4GA can also replace the 5V4G (only the glass shape differs). The 6BY5GA is a 5V4GA, but with an isolated 6V heater.

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
5AR4-S Shuguang 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier 15,00 €
274B-S Shuguang 274B rectifier 16,00 €
5U4G-S Shuguang 5U4G rectifier 11,00 €
EZ81-JJ JJ EZ81 rectifier 12,00 €
5Z3S-S Svetlana 5Z3S (5U4G) rectifier 10,00 €
5Z4S-R Russian 5Z4S (5V4G) rectifier 7,00 €
5Z8S-S* Svetlana 5Z8S rectifier 8,00 €
5V4GA-US US-made 5V4G rectifier 20,00 €
6BY5GA-US US-made 6BY5GA rectifier 7,00 €
Delivery time: 3-4 days