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  A small selection of preamp tubes. The types 5670 and 7861 are used in my current kits. The 7861 is used in the TRemPre, and the 5670 in the CDTOut1.

The 6U8A/ECF82 can be used to replace the Chinese 6F2 tube used in some Chinese amps. The 6AN8 is used in some Dynaco amps.

The Svetlana 6J32P is a direct replacement for EF86 and 6267 tubes.

The 6AU7 can replace the more expensive 12AU7, if your amp/project uses 6V heating, by rewiring the socket. So if you're looking for a NOS US 12AU7, this could be a cheaper alternative... Similarly the 6GU7 can replace the 12BH7 by rewiring the socket. The 6FQ7/8FQ7 is a miniature version of the 6SN7. It is the same type as the 6CG7/8CG7, and both type numbers are often printed on the tubes.

The 7861 and 5670 tubes were made by GE in the US. The 5670s in the 80's - the 7861 tubes have no (readable) date code. The 5687WBs were made by Philips in the US in '87. The 6U8As were made by GE and Sylvania in the US. The 6AU7s, 6GU7s, 6FQ7s and 8FQ7s were made in the US.

For 12A*7 types, 6DJ8/6922, 5963 and 6189W see ECC81-ECC88.

5670 datasheet

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
5670-GE* GE 5670W dual triode 6,00 €
7861-GE* GE 7861 dual triode 7,00 €
5687WB-PH* Philips 5687WB dual triode 8,00 €
6U8A-US US-made 6U8A/ECF82 triode/pentode 8,00 €
6AU7-US US-made 6AU7 dual triode 5,00 €
6GU7-US US-made 6GU7 dual triode 6,00 €
6FQ7-US US-made 6FQ7/6CG7 dual triode 18,00 €
8FQ7-US US-made 8FQ7/8CG7 dual triode 5,00 €
6AN8-US US-made 6AN8 triode/pentode 11,00 €
6J32P-S Svetlana 6J32P/EF86 pentode 7,00 €
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