ECC85 and ECC88 Preamp Tubes  


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  A small selection of ECC85 and ECC88 preamp tubes. One of the ECC88 types is new production from JJ, Slovakia. The others are all NOS types.

The ECC85s were made by Röhrenwerk Neuhaus, Germany - probably in the 70's.

The 6N23P/ECC88s were made in Russia by Voskhod in the 70's and early 80's, and are marked with the original Russian code. The datasheet of the Russian 6N23P can be found below. The Ei ECC88 tubes are marked "Pro/Comm 6922 E88CC". They were made in '77 or '87. The Philips 6922 tubes are made in the US in '84. The US-made 6DJ8 tubes are made by various companies. The photo shows a Sylvania.

ECC85 = 6AQ8
ECC88 = 6N23P, E88CC, 6DJ8, 6922

If you need "ECC85" tubes for a Chinese amplifier, have a look at the 6N1P instead - it's a better audio tube.

6N23P datasheet

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
ECC85-RWN* RWN (RFT) ECC85 9,00 €
6N23P-R Voskhod 6N23P/ECC88 5,00 €
E88CC-JJ JJ E88CC 13,00 €
6922-PH* Philips JAN 6922 16,00 €
ECC88-Ei* Ei ECC88 15,00 €
6DJ8-US* US-made 6DJ8/ECC88 15,00 €
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