I have now added a small range of tubes (valves) to the selection.

Some of the tubes are new production, and others are NOS (New Old Stock). The country of origin, brand name and approximate date of manufacture are listed in the individual descriptions (if/when known).

Spare tubes for the kits can be found in the "Other miniature preamp" and "6N1P-6N6P" sections.

I don't have large stocks of some types - the low stock types have a * in the order code. Please don't pay until I have confirmed that the tubes actually are in stock, if you order the * types.

Most of the power tubes are supplied as matched pairs. If you need matched quartets or some other number, just write that in the notes field when you order.

Note: I have many tube types not listed here in stock in small quantities - so just ask. This includes various radio tubes for European and US radios/tuners.

The tube datasheets on these pages are from the site.