Ceramic IF filters  

  These are ceramic IF filters used in FM tuners.

The centre frequency of ceramic filters varies quite a lot, so these filters are selected. For optimum performance all filters in the tuner should have the same centre frequency.

For tuners with analogue tuning, any of the centre frequencies will work. For tuners will PLL (digital) tuning, you need the centre frequency the tuner is set-up for. This is often 10.7MHz, but not always - check the service manual of the tuner. The tuner will not work correctly with narrow filters of the "wrong" frequency.

For low distortion use wide-band filters. For good selectivity choose narrow bandwidth.

BW: Type numbers:
110kHz Murata SFELF10M7KAB0
150kHz Murata SFELF10M7JAA0
180kHz TDK FFE1070MS
230kHz Murata SFELF10M7GA00
230-280kHz Murata SFJ10.7A/MA 4-pin

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
10M7-110 Murata 110kHz filter. Centre freq: 3,00 €
10M7-110-7 Murata 110kHz filter 10.70MHz 4,00 €
10M7-150 Murata 150kHz filter. Centre freq: 3,00 €
10M7-150-7 Murata 150kHz filter 10.70MHz 4,00 €
10M7-180 TDK 180kHz filter. Centre freq. 3,00 €
10M7-180-7 TDK 180kHz filter 10.70MHz 4,00 €
10M7-230 Murata 230kHz filter. Centre freq. 3,00 €
10M7-230-7 Murata 230kHz filter 10.7MHz 4,00 €
10M7J-230 Murata 4-pin filter. Centre freq. 3,00 €
10M7J-230-7 Murata 4-pin filter. 10.70MHz 4,00 €
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