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  Here is a small range of solid aluminium knobs.

The first three types are available in brushed finish, and either plain coloured or black anodised. They are 13mm high and fit 1/4" or 6mm shafts.

The last four types are silver coloured and fit 6mm shafts (Alps pots, encoders etc.).

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
Kn16x13 16mmŲ x 13mm alu knob. Colour: 3,75 €
Kn22x13 22mmŲ x 13mm alu knob. Colour: 4,25 €
Kn28x13 28mmŲ x 13mm alu knob. Colour: 6,00 €
Kn30x22 30mmŲ x 22mm alu knob. 3,00 €
Kn48x22 48mmŲ x 22mm alu knob. Sold out
Kn28x28 28mmŲ x 28mm alu knob. 5,25 €
Kn22x30 22mmŲ x 30mm alu knob. 5,50 €
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