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  TR8/15 is a small type that can be used for powering a preamp. It has a 15V 0.5A winding and a 8.5V 1A winding. It can power a ChipVol1, Input1 and Control2 setup for instance. It has a universal 115/230V primary. Note: Supplied without mounting accessories.

The 80VA+ types can be used for powering LM3875, LM4780 amps or other small power amps. The smaller types are suitable for powering preamps. They are all 230V only.

The TR12/15 has a 12V 1A winding and a 15V 1A winding. Primary 115/230V. It can be used for the tuner kits for instance.

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Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
TR8/15 8.5 and 15V transformer 6,00 €
TR2x18-80 2*18V 80VA toroid 31,00 €
TR2x22-120 2*22V 120VA toroid 36,00 €
TR2x22-160 2*22V 160VA toroid 47,00 €
TR2x27-200 2*27V 200VA toroid 33,00 €
TR2x12-30 2*12V 30VA toroid 19,00 €
TR2x15-30 2*15V 30VA toroid 19,00 €
TR12/15 12V 1A and 15V 1A transformer 5,00 €
Delivery time: 3-4 days