DC power supplies  


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  I currently stock seven types of DC power supplies.

The 1A supplies are ideal for use with Input1/2 setups or the Remote3/4. The DC-500m supply is a good choice for the Remote1. Both AC and DC supplies can be used for these purposes.

The 18V supply works well for the tuner kits. The regulated 5V supply can be used for RelVol1C or RelVol1/3 + control board.

The powersupplies are meant for a mains voltage of 220-240V. The output cables are fitted with DC plugs, open ends or multiple plugs for the universal types.

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
9V-1000m-DC 9VDC/1A Euro power supply 4,00 €
5Vr-600m-DC 5VDC/600mA regulated Euro power supply 4,00 €
12Vr-500m-DC 12VDC/500mA regulated Euro power supply 5,00 €
15V-450m-DC 15VDC 450mA Euro power supply 4,00 €
18V-500m-DC 18VDC 500mA Euro power supply 5,00 €
DC-500m 3-12VDC 500mA Euro power supply 4,50 €
DC-1000m 1.5-12VDC 1A Euro power supply 6,00 €
Delivery time: 3-4 days