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  The Philips SRP1101 remote control is a universal TV remote. It can operate volume/input selection functions as well as mute and power. It's ideal for use with the Remote1, 3 and 4, RelVol1C, RemPre, Control1 and VolControl kits.

The RCU48 and SRU3040 are universal TV/VCR/DVD remotes. They can operate all the functions of most of the kits. The exceptions are balance in the Control2 kit and brightness on VF displays.

The RCU27 and 41 are universal 8-in-one and 10-in-one types with support for TV, DVD, VCR, satellite, HiFi etc.

The RC400 remotes are clones of a full-function Philips TV remote. They will operate all functions of all kits. The standard version has plastic keys, and the HL and PRO versions have rubber keys.

Note: The TV and Philips remotes will not work if you have a Philips TV in the same room as your amp. In that case you will have to use one of the non-TV/non-Philips remotes, such as the RCU27, RCU41, RCU48 or a standard "8-in-one" universal remote.

CD-Rem is a Philips CD remote control, that supports all the features of the CD-Pro2 control boards. The VCR remotes can be used for the CD-Pro2 also.

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
SRP1101 Philips SRP1101 universal TV remote 20,00 €
SRU3040 Philips SRU3040 universal TV/VCR/SAT/DVD remote 18,00 €
RC400 Philips TV-remote "clone" 12,00 €
RC400HL Philips TV-remote "clone" 10,00 €
RC400PRO Philips TV-remote "clone" 12,00 €
RCU27 8-in-1 universal remote 11,00 €
RCU41 10-in-1 universal remote 7,00 €
RCU48 3-in-1 compact universal remote Sold out
CD-Rem Philips CD remote 15,00 €
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