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  I currently have three types of motorpots in stock. They are all (but one) made by Alps.

The RK27 types are 27mm pots in blue boxes. Stereo/2-channel pots are available in 10k, 50k and 100k log (audio taper) as well as 10k and 100k linear taper. 4-channel pots are available in 10k and 50k log.

The RK16 is a smaller type suitable for mounting in tight spaces inside existing equipment. It is also available in a 6-channel version.

Connection PCBs are available for the 4- and 6-channel pots to make installation easier.

I currently also have a Panasonic 2*100k linear taper pot in stock (see photos).

Qty: Order code: Description: Price (ex. VAT):
RK27M Alps RK27 motorpot. Value: 30,00 €
RK27M4 Alps RK27 quad motorpot. Value: 45,00 €
RK16 Alps RK16 motorpot. Value: 16,00 €
RK16-6-10k Alps 6-channel RK16 10k log motorpot 25,00 €
RK16PCB PCB and connectors for the RK16-6 15,00 €
RK27PCB PCB and connectors for the RK27-4 10,00 €
P2x100kB Panasonic 2x100k LIN motorpot sold out
Delivery time: 3-4 days